Tuition, Payment Plans, and Scholarships

You can register online or by calling the Ticket Office at 612.874.0400. We accept check, credit card, and money orders. A two-payment option is available only when using a credit card by phone. Need-based scholarships are available through the ACT Pass program until all funds are allocated.


Cancellation & Exchange Policy

Inclusion Statement
As part of CTC’s commitment to access and inclusion, at Theatre Arts Training we make intentional choices in our classroom practices to make sure we are a welcoming space for peoples of all ability, ethnicity, economic status, sexual orientation, and gender identity. Our program includes need-based scholarships, all gender restrooms, introductions with pronouns, and a faculty happy to work with families to meet students’ individual physical, learning, and social needs. If there are ways we can be welcoming to your family, please let us know at [email protected]

Code of Conduct
In order to provide students with a safe and supportive environment, we do not tolerate any form of physical or verbal abuse, harassment, vandalism, or the use of any illegal substances. Any behaviors found in violation of this policy will be addressed and the student may be asked to leave classes/camps. No refunds will be issued in the event that the Code of Conduct is violated.

Pick Up and Drop Off
Students in classes/camps for Grades 3 and younger must be dropped off and picked up at their classroom. Students in classes/camps for Grades 4 and older may be dropped off and picked up at the Stage Door.

Families & Guests in the Classroom
All of our classes (with the exception of “Creating Together” and “Step Into the Story”) are designed for independent student participation. If desired, guardians are welcome to observe class from the hallway or through the window, or to remain on site in TAT’s Family Lounge.

We know at times the success of a student is reliant on a guardian presence in the classroom. In these situations we require that any guardian in the space fully participate in all activities as a member of the class, rather than creating an audience dynamic. If you will be engaging in this way, please inform both the office and the Teaching Artist. Visitors other than guardians are not permitted in the classroom at any time while class is in progress.

No-Nut Policy
To ensure the safety of all of our students, we have a strict no-nut policy for both peanuts and tree-nuts (including hazelnut products such as Nutella).

Medical Emergency Policy
While Theatre Arts Training’s office staff is trained in First Aid and CPR, we do not have a medical professional on staff. Students are welcome to carry their medicine on them, but our office is not able to administer medicine of any kind (including prescription and over the counter drugs or topical ointments). In life threatening situations, we are trained to administer an epi-pen. In the case of a medical emergency, if we are unable to contact a parent/guardian or if time does not permit, 911 services will be used. All expenses incurred are the responsibility of parent/guardian.

Photos and Videos
CTC (and its designees and agents) has permission to utilize my student’s image, likeness, actions, and statements in any live or recorded audio, video or photographic display or other transmission, exhibition, publication or reproduction made of, or at, the class/camp in any medium or content for any purposes, including commercial or promotional purposes, without further authorization or compensation.

Families are welcome to take recordings and photographs of their student in class/camp for strictly personal use only. Any recordings or photos taken by families cannot be used for broadcast and/or distribution via the internet including but not limited to social media sites and/or public websites.

Electronic Device Policy
Students under Grade 9 are only permitted to use phones or other electronic devices in class as an educational tool as assigned by the teaching artist. To encourage our value of community and relationship building, electronics are not allowed during breaks unless being used as a therapeutic outlet. (Students are always welcome to contact their families through the TAT office at any time.) If a student is observed using their phone or electronic device in violation of this or any other TAT policy, they may no longer be permitted to use their device at any time while at TAT.

Free Child Admission for Theatre Arts Training Students
Each Theatre Arts Training student is eligible for one complimentary ticket per session, regardless of number of classes or camps. For academic year and summer registrations, complimentary tickets are available for select public performances. Redeem early for best seating and availability.

Complimentary tickets are subject to availability and restrictions. Not all performances will have complimentary tickets available. Book early for best choice of dates and seats; complimentary tickets cannot be booked in VIP seats. Complimentary tickets cannot be booked online or via e-mail. Complimentary tickets must be booked by phone at least 48 hours prior to your date of choice. Complimentary tickets are not exchangeable, and may not be applied to past purchases.  Complimentary tickets will be rendered void in cases of class cancellation. All tickets will be held at Will Call.  

You will not be issued a physical voucher. To book your Theatre Arts Training complimentary ticket, please call the CTC Ticket Office at 612.874.0400 and mention your student’s name and class(es) for verification of eligibility. All children age 16 and under must be accompanied to the theatre by an adult. 

Fall 2019 Session: valid only on Circus Abyssynia: Ethiopian Dreams or Snow White. Ticket must be redeemed by October 8, 2019.
Winter 2020 Session: valid only on Bob Marley's Three Little Birds or Spamtown, USA. Ticket must be redeemed by February 3, 2020.
Spring 2020 Session: valid only on Annie. Tickets may be redeemed by May 7, 2020.